Real-time Software Engineering Limited

RoSE_SNIP - A fully extensible SNMP Agent for the VOS Platform

RoSE_SNIP will handle the ethernet communications as well as the formatting and decoding of outgoing (from RoSE_SNIP ) and incoming
( to RoSE_SNIP ) SNMP packets.

All Stratus performance information gathered by RoSE_BUD, all status and event alerts maintained by RoSE_STAMON and all security alerts collected by RoSE_COMB can be sent automatically to an SNMP manager, such as HP Openview, Sun Net Manager, Tivoli, Netview 6000, CA Unicenter and many others via, RoSE_SNIP. RoSE_SNIP is a highly configurable and fully extensible SNMP agent for the Stratus VOS platform. When used in conjunction with the above RoSE products its operation is transparent and configuration trivial. RoSE_SNIP can also accept requests for values and status information about defined resources from an SNMP manager.

You need RoSE_SNIP to handle the communications to the SNMP Manager and the other RoSE_Products to do to the real monitoring.