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comb icon RoSE_COMB  is a suite of utilities which have been developed to increase the security, operability, accountability and auditability of any Stratus system. The product consists of a number of software modules, each performing specific tasks.

RoSE_COMB has many features required to run a secure operations environment. These features are not available from the operating system alone. RoSE_COMB will improve the efficiency and reliability of operating Stratus equipment. The security and auditability of your system will be dramatically increased providing logs of all operating activities. RoSE_COMB allows you to run your Stratus computers in a secure way that matches your organisation and not just the operating system.

Maintaining Disk Access

RoSE_COMB turns round the concept of giving access to objects and replaces it with a user profile oriented database for access to all files, directories and devices.

Multi Level Security-Enhanced Command Processing

safe.jpg The VOS operating system offers a single level of privilege. This is a sub-optimal situation and does not match many organisations security requirements.

With RoSE_COMB you can have the granularity of privilege that you require, giving users the ability to execute commands that they need in order to perform their function and no more.

It allows the possibility of both removing privilege from many, if not all, users and using an access control regime far stricter than would otherwise be possible. The resulting enhanced security is significant.

The configuration is done per user or per group or both, and can involve control of individual sub-system commands, such as those found within analyze_system, as well as direct command level commands. This addresses one of the major security weaknesses often leveled at the VOS operating system. Execution of these sensitive commands is recorded in an audit log.

Audit Log Management

comb_po RoSE_COMB gives you the ability to know what occurred on your Stratus system, when it occurred and which user did it.

RoSE_COMB maintains an Audit Trail of all significant occurrences that you have configured. Reports can be produced to show:

  • When users logged in and out, and on which devices.
  • When processes started and ended.
  • When particular files were accessed and by which user.
  • When specific commands were executed, by which user and from which terminal.
RoSE_COMB continually monitors your system enabling notifications to be made and automatic corrective actions to be taken when ‘sensitive’ events occur. A sensitive event can be any combination of any user name, group name, device name, command name and time period.

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