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RoSE_BUD  is the Performance Management System for the critical online transaction processing environment. It manages performance for the whole range of Stratus/VOS Continuous Processing Systems. RoSE_BUD captures performance data, automatically reacts to performance thresholds, and reports data in relevant ways for interpretation, analysis and planning. RoSE_BUD gives you real information on how your computer is performing under all circumstances. This information often includes applications throughput and transaction rates mapped against module utilisation. With this evidence you can plan and manage your system requirements to directly correspond with your business growth plans. With RoSE_BUD you can always be sure of supplying the right amount of cpu power, memory, communications bandwidth and disk space, where and when it is needed.

Continuous Monitoring

bullet RoSE_BUD runs on Stratus Continuous Processing computers and is therefore designed to run and monitor your system continuously. RoSE_BUD is the single tool to provide you with accurate real- time performance data for all aspects of your system's performance.

RoSE_BUD captures performance data from a wide range of sources. With RoSE_BUD's continuous monitoring, you capture the data that quantifies your system's capacity and identifies its performance trends. Such information alerts you to impending system and application bottlenecks and potential slowing response times, as well as assisting you in future capacity planning.

Comprehensive Monitoring

beacon RoSE_BUD captures information specific to the module as a whole, physical and logical disk drives, disk files, token ring and ethernet networks, inter-process queues, communication devices, application systems or subsystems, indeed any process or group of processes on your module.

RoSE_BUD gives you a 'single system view' in respect of performance analysis and capacity planning in the way that Stratus gives you with Stratalink™ and Stratanet™ for the operating environment, thus enabling you to monitor your entire Stratus installation in the way that you view it.

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