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RoSE_STAMON is the comprehensive System and Network Monitoring product for Stratus/VOS architecture systems, with full Alert Management.


strateye RoSE_STAMON extends the Stratus concept of Continuous Processing, self-checking and repair far beyond the hardware. RoSE_STAMON provides real-time self checking for not only your Stratus hardware, but also the systems and applications software that are running on it, network connections, device service status and much more.

screwdrv RoSE_STAMON does more than monitoring; It also provides the ability to repair what it monitors, both automatically and on user request.

RoSE_STAMON enhances, automates and simplifies the operation of a Stratus system. The health of the system is represented on a single PC with a fully integrated Windows application. Corrective actions can be initiated either automatically or in response to a single keystroke from the operator. No complex VOS commands, with their many parameters and configuration options need be learned to be able to respond quickly to a problem.

klaxon RoSE_STAMON allows the status of any resource within the system to be monitored continuously, to be reported on historically and for alerts and corrective actions to be immediately triggered when abnormal statuses are detected.

RoSE_STAMON deals with all monitored statuses in a consistent way. Hence, new statuses can be added easily by online dynamic reconfiguration.

RoSE_STAMON can monitor application specific statuses, using an API fully supported by Stratus.

RoSE_STAMON interfaces directly with other RoSE products and hence can effectively be the single entry point into these products. For example:

  • Whether RoSE_BUD performance thresholds are broken can be represented as statuses
  • Whether a critical message has been identified by the RoSE_COMB Console Manager (Error Log Analyser)
  • Whether an operator request is outstanding in the RoSE_STEM Tape Management System
  • Alerts to notifiable users can be done via Pager using RoSE_PAGE, rather than the normal line 25 messages.
  • Everything that RoSE_STAMON monitors can be sent to your Enterprise SNMP Network Manager transparently with the use of RoSE_SNIP

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