Real-time Software Engineering Limited

Since 1988, Real-time Software Engineering Limited has consistently increased their customer base by supplying the most comprehensive suite of operational management software for the Stratus VOS platform. The products have been continually updated and enhanced, not only to keep pace with the developments in hardware, software and networking, but as a direct response to the needs of their customers.


The RoSE customer base is spread amongst many diverse industrial sectors. These sectors include Banking, Gaming, Transport, Manufacturing and Communications. In fact, with over 1300 product licenses world-wide RoSE is by far the leading supplier of operational management software for the Stratus fault-tolerant environment.

The products that make up RoSE_WARE can function either on their own or in unison with each other. Each product will extend the philosophy of continuous availability, brought to you by the hardware platform, through to the operational management domain.

The vast majority of operational requirements are common amongst all applications and organisations. However, RoSE fully appreciate that each application and organisation will inevitably have its own unique requirements. Consequently, RoSE_WARE has been designed to be fully configurable and extensible, so that these detailed and specific needs can be satisfied within the product.

The integrated solutions that RoSE_WARE provides cover Network and Systems Monitoring with comprehensive Alert Management, Performance Monitoring and Capacity Planning, System Security and Audit Management, Tape Environment Management, Software Management, Change Control and Distribution.

A Common Approach - A Common Problem

Stratus Fault-tolerant computing is primarily directed at critical online applications which by their nature cannot afford failures of any kind. It is common that such systems are developed from a functional application perspective with little regard for the day-to-day operational running of the complete system. This approach can seriously degrade the application and could eventually lead to the failure of the complete system.

The Solution

RoSE_WARE can be applied at any time to a system without requiring any application changes whatsoever. RoSE_WARE will provide continuous monitoring, automated alert and repair, audit and security to all aspects of your system.