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The RoSE_PC Interface


Sample screens

The RoSE_PC Interface is one way to view the data captured and maintained by the RoSE products on your Stratus modules. This product was specifically designed by Real-time Software Engineering Limited to provide a single point of view for complete Stratus installations and their associated Network connections. The product is supported for the Windows™, Windows 95™ and Windows NT™ operating systems and requires no special hardware whatsoever. You can of course make use of sound cards and specialist monitors as you wish but this is not necessary.

Configuration of the PC is simple since it may be self configured by RoSE_WARE running on the Stratus. The only requirement is that you can connect to a Stratus module from the PC by using either an Asynchronous or TCP/ IP link.

Within the RoSE_PC Interface you can embed diagrams from other Windows applications, such as Powerpoint™, Harvard Graphics™, VISIO™, or indeed any OLE compliant Windows application. This allows you to represent your system in a way that can be most helpful to your operations and support teams using the latest developments in Windows software technology.

From the PC you can view your complete Stratus installation, multiple applications, multiple modules and multiple systems, in a hierarchical fashion using Windows to zoom in and out of the specific areas. When abnormalities are detected, Status lights can change colour and audible alerts can be generated. These can be especially effective if a sound card is attached to the PC. In this case, a different sound can be played for the various items being monitored and for the various states as they change.

When abnormalities are displayed, the user can acknowledge or rectify the condition by clicking on control buttons displayed on that Window. The rectification can cause a command or set of commands to be executed on the Stratus module itself. These commands are pre-configured and no other commands can be executed except those in this configuration.

All actions taken by the operator are audited by RoSE_WARE on the Stratus module itself.

All of the Information viewed using the RoSE_PC Interface can also be viewed by SNMP managers, such as Netview 6000™, Openview™ or SUN Net Manager , by the use of RoSE_SNIP our fully extensible SNMP Agent for the Stratus platform.

Sample screens