Real-time Software Engineering Limited

RoSE_WARE is providing many organisations, world-wide, with a progressive route to monitoring and managing Stratus computer systems in an open-systems environment. The products provide an umbrella of functionality which addresses the operational management requirements needed to achieve the highest levels of availability for all Stratus systems.


Understanding the Needs

interface screenshot The RoSE_WARE products are applicable to all Stratus users. The functionality of the products has been developed and continues to be enhanced, in conjunction with the growing RoSE customers, who are major users of the Stratus platform. RoSE_WARE reflects the critical nature of the environments in which Stratus systems are deployed. Real-time Software Engineering and the many users of the RoSE_WARE Product Suite continue to be ever more successful in increasing the overall availability of Stratus based systems throughout the world.

It is essential for the people responsible for the operational management of any Stratus system to know the current status of the software, networks and hardware that it encompasses and to be alerted immediately when something abnormal is detected. The security and integrity of most applications are paramount and, hence, the need to know who is accessing the system and what resources are being used. Additionally, notifications and action may need to be made when a security violation is detected.

Data on Stratus systems has to be backed up securely, regularly and in a manner which facilitates fast retrieval. This is often not just for recovery purposes, but also to satisfy regulatory requirements. There may be instances when it is critical to the operation of the business to restore data from years past in a very short period of time.

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As business levels increase, it is usual for the spare capacity on the system to decrease correspondingly. The loss of capacity may be an indication of business growth or an indication of an error. It is essential to establish, often quickly, the reason for increased system usage. Resource requirement trends need to be established in order to predict future hardware requirements and to avoid adverse effects of performance, which can have a direct impact on your business.

There will be regular manual tasks to be performed on any system. These tasks may require the operator to have a relatively high degree of privilege at the operating system level. This can present the opportunity to perform other, less desirable, commands which may in turn have a serious impact on the system.

All application software needs to be managed and maintained from time to time. Upgrades will either be supplied by a third party or be made in-house. It is essential to know what each upgrade contains and establish the effect of these changes. The software may need to go through various test procedures before being used in live running and, hence, multiple versions of the application software may need to be stored concurrently.