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care icon RoSE_CARE  is the completely integrated software management environment with a dependency-based building facility and software distribution system, for the whole range of Stratus Continuous Processing systems.

Many software systems consist of thousands of source files, generating hundreds of programs and are maintained by many programmers and support staff. RoSE_CARE is being used at sites around the world to manage these complex systems on a daily basis.

Large systems are usually broken down into smaller more logical units either on a file type basis, a functional basis or by a combination of the former two methods. RoSE_CARE allows you define how the software should be structured and provides many features to minimize the effort of configuration.

Version Management

car.jpg RoSE_CARE only ever needs to store one complete version of a software system while keeping all of the information required to reconstruct previous versions in its database. Additionally, RoSE_CARE can maintain software systems in various states or at various stages of production. For example, development and integration test systems may be required in addition to the live or production system. Each or any of those systems may contain software that varies from the other stages. These variations will represent bug fixes, enhancement or new releases. This method of version management saves large amounts of disk space during the process of upgrading application software.

The control placed upon the software that is managed by RoSE_CARE ensures that changes are not lost, even in multiple stage configurations. This removes the chance of programmers picking up old or incorrect versions of the software which would allow the reintroduction of previously fixed software problems.


RoSE_CARE allows variants of a system to be stored making this product ideally suited to situations where customised applications must be maintained alongside the base software. This feature is known as branching and is performed in the most disk-space efficient manner. This facility is useful not only for software houses, but in organisations which develop their own software and deploy it in multiple locations.

Development Utilities

bricks RoSE_CARE has a full range of development utilities providing a completely integrated software management and development environment, maintaining full software integrity at all times with the minimum of manual intervention. Software can be built locally, without affecting the controlled software in anyway. The local building can be used to build and test new software prior to placing back into the controlled environment. The RoSE_CARE database can be queried at any time to show cross reference information, the usage of subroutines, where external data and entry points are used, the processing requirements, file version and delivery history.

RoSE_CARE Database

RoSE_CARE maintains its own database containing the processing requirements and dependency information for every file held under its control. The processing requirements are user defined while the dependency/cross reference information is extracted automatically as part of a software build. From the information contained within its database, RoSE_CARE will build software automatically chasing the dependency relationships. Files are processed using the configured commands, arguments and library paths. Any command can be used to build a file, even specialist macros or programs can be configured. This high degree of flexibility will cater for the most complex of software systems.

Software Distribution

RoSE_CARE has an in-built software distribution system which enables software to be securely distributed and installed on many individual sites. The delivery history is maintained independently for each site and supports both incremental and full deliveries. The process of installing new software releases can be fully automated providing a reliable method for deliveries from the source control to the runtime environments.


security.jpg Varying levels of security can be employed which will satisfy even the most security conscious environments. Access to commands, productions stages and components can be controlled on a per-system user basis.

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